Microsoft has long expected a device that will relaunch it in the mobile device market and the Surface Phone is spoken to occupy this place. But, according to the recent reports, the tech giant Microsoft is developing a foldable tablet running Windows 10 on the ARM processor.

OMG! Microsoft Is Developing A Secret Foldable Tablet

The tech giant Microsoft has long expected a device that will relaunch it in the mobile device market. The Surface Phone is spoken to occupy this place, being a completely different equipment and that will probably create a new niche market and destroy the competition.

New rumors suggest that this scenario may have changed and the tech giant Microsoft is working on a new device, with two screens and one size larger than a smartphone.

The end of Microsoft’s proposals in the field of smartphones has shown that the brand urgently needs a new proposal in this area. This is where the Surface Phone, the famous and much-talked-about brand new phone, would come in, but which insists on not showing up nor giving proof of its real existence.

The new information that has emerged shows that the tech giant Microsoft is probably working in another area and has already, by 2019, a new proposal that will change the market.

It is now rumored that the tech giant Microsoft will be creating a tablet, with a foldable screen that will make use of CSheel and Windows Core OS, the new core elements of Windows 10. Its name will be Andromeda, which we have already heard as one of the future elements of Windows convergence.

This concept that is being worked on has been on the table of Microsoft in the recent past, having been abandoned later, probably because there are serious limitations in what the hardware could offer.

The focus of this new device will be the foldable dual screen and a very strong pen-tip, not only for entering information but also for managing the interface and interacting with it.

Andromeda is also very likely to rely on ARM processors and the Windows version with support for these processors, opening the door for a new niche market and for the tech giant Microsoft partners to create their versions, such as with Surface.

It is still too early to move forward with much more information, but the prototypes that the tech giant Microsoft recently recorded show that Andromeda may actually be real and will soon be on the market.

After creating a whole new area in the notebook market with Surface in all its aspects now is the time to create a different tablet than usual and that will be a real digital notebook that will allow a natural interaction.

The smartphone path will be closed, with efforts to focus on other areas, so the tech giant Microsoft really needs a different and innovative product so that it can be distinguished in the market. This is where Andromeda comes in and it can change the rules of the game.

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