What if I say that Microsoft has its own special Galaxy Note 8? The good relationship between the tech giant Microsoft and Android and Samsung has been around for some time now. However, now it seems that the tech giant Microsoft is selling its own Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Microsoft Edition.

Microsoft Is Selling Its Own Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Microsoft Edition

Samsung and Microsoft have joined forces again and now thinking about how to develop a new version of one of the most anticipated smartphones of the Korean company for this year 2017 and now we can see the result.

Do not expect to see physical changes in the design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, but at least we can expect some things out of the ordinary in the software of it.

This version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has the influence of the tech giant Microsoft in its software, starting by having the Microsoft Launcher and having several segments of the Office system incorporated from the factory.

If this was not enough change, you can also forget Bixby to be accompanied by Cortana, goodbye Samsung Mail and Hello Outlook although unfortunately, you will not find in it a discount for the arrival of Black Friday so if you wish, you can enter the store Microsoft to be able to buy yours for $929.99 dollars. Since, to make things easier for you, just follow the link here.

It would be quite interesting to see the operation of one of these Samsung Galaxy Note 8, as it technically brings all the good things of the Samsung world with a special touch from Microsoft. It may also be a good option for people who still love the idea of a popular Windows Phone.

However, it is curious to see that the tech giant Microsoft is increasingly entering the Android segment, as an application and service provider, something that was defined by Satya Nadella for the company.

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