Microsoft has introduced a personalized news feed called Microsoft Start for both desktop and mobile users. The news feed will allow the company to compete with the new feeds that are provided by other apps like Flipboard.

Microsoft Start will also be integrated with the Windows 11 OS. It will provide news from all publishers in a single interface. To provide personalized news, it uses its “Latest advancements in AI and machine learning, coupled with human moderation.”

Microsoft Start Available on Play Store, App Store, & Chrome

Microsoft Start launched for Web and Mobile

The new service will be replaced by the existing Microsoft News service that will give a fresh experience to all the users. To get a better experience, there is a ‘Personalise button available to help users to check the news.

One can refine the feeds by liking or disliking the stories or can hide a specific publisher from the home screen. The company says the product is built with online and mobile consumer services like MSN and Microsoft News.

The users can visit the official website, to use the news feed. It works on both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge or can download the app on iOS or Android. However, it doesn’t work on Safari. 

In Microsoft Edge, the app will be available on the New Tab page; on Windows 10, it’s on the taskbar, and on Windows 11, it gives Widgets experience.

Microsoft Start site is similar to another online portal that offers news from different publishers. Also other news like weather, stocks, sports, and traffic. Once you click on the article to read, it takes you to a different version hosted on Microsoft’s domain that has Microsoft Start at the top of the navigation bar.

While browsing the home page, one can react to stories with emojis. These emojis are similar to Facebook, except for the laughing face emoji. It is replaced with a thinking face.


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