Microsoft: Now Unlock Laptops With Your Palm Veins
Microsoft: Now Unlock Laptops With Your Palm Veins

Recently, we told you that the tech giant Microsoft is taking more seriously the security of Windows 10, hence, decided to remove password security system from its well-known OS, of course, Windows 10. Now, according to the latest reports, the tech giant Microsoft is working on a new security tech through which you can unlock laptops with your palm veins.

Microsoft: Now Unlock Laptops With Your Palm Veins

Recently, we told you that the tech giant Microsoft is taking more seriously than ever to launch alternative methods to the password of a lifetime when unlocking and then working with Windows 10, all with the healthy purpose of increasing the system security.

All this is something that, as we mentioned, have already begun to test the members of the Insider program of the firm in the most recent Build launched, the 17093, which has already included features related to this section, in addition to many other novelties. Therefore, everything indicates that many of these features will come to everyone in the next major update of Windows 10, the Spring Creators Update.

Well, further deepening this issue of advanced security that will be integrated into the operating system itself, now we just know that the firm based in Redmond has partnered with Fujitsu to create devices and technologies related to security in Windows 10. In the beginning and thanks to Windows Hello from Microsoft itself, the authentication systems that we have improved ostensibly, although apparently, the thing is not going to end here.

We say this because the Redmond giant, of course, Microsoft has teamed up with the PC manufacturer Fujitsu to launch Windows 10 devices with a new technology called PalmSecure or Palm Vein Authentication. Actually, what is intended with all this is that the computers that run the latest version of Windows are protected to the maximum.

Windows 10 can be unlocked with the palm of your hand

Thus, while fingerprints can be cloned, it is much more difficult to deceive an authentication method driven by the aforementioned Palm Vein Authentication technology, since it focuses on verification through the palm of our hand.

In this way and with the integration of PalmSecure in Windows 10, it is intended to increase the security of the system with something really innovative. In addition, both companies claim that this novel system is better than the one based on fingerprints since this can not be replicated by an attacker, the fingerprint can be cloned, but doing the same with the entire palm is much more difficult, they say. Therefore users will have to place the palm of the hand on the sensor to generate the map of our hand and then the locking and unlocking of the devices will be made only with that “map”.

What’s more, while the fingerprint sensor requires physical contact, with Palm Vein Authentication that contact is not required. In addition, by using a more advanced authentication algorithm, the system could offer a high level of accuracy, both for companies and for the consumer market.

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