Earlier we reported that the tech giant Microsoft at its Ignite conference has shared its plan to develop a language for the programming of quantum bits. However, now it seems that the tech giant Microsoft finally fulfilled its promise and finally unveiled its new Quantum programming language.

Microsoft Unveils New Programming Language!

Quantum Computation is a development that represents a significant improvement of the current systems that, based on operations that work with ones and zeros and that thanks to the fact that it can work in multiple states, allows for more complex interactions and operations.

Quantum computers are still far away: only a few models are now functional and they are still very limited. Before we can have one of these computers in the living room, we will have to wait for years, probably decades. But the tech giant Microsoft is already thinking about the future and, especially, programmers. The Redmond group has therefore unveiled its quantum programming language.

Quantum computing is based on the use of qubits instead of binaries and the more qubits you have, the more complex operations you can perform. This process is known as “entanglement” but can offer a higher error rate and consistency (the time in which these states can exist), an aspect in which we have already seen a 50-bit functional prototype with 90 microseconds of coherence.

Recently, in a post on its official blog, published on December 11, 2017, the tech giant Microsoft unveils its first developer kit for its new quantum programming language. This language and this kit had been announced in September 2017 but the language did not have a name then. It’s done: in the future, we will also program in Q Sharp or Q# if Microsoft succeeds in making this new language one of the standards of the industry.

Needless to say, the tech giant Microsoft has the potential to do this because it can count on Windows running more than 90% of the computers in the world. Above all, the Redmond firm wants, with Q#, to allow the adaptation of classical algorithmics to quantum systems which, for the moment, are reserved for experts in quantum physics and not for traditional developers.

A quantum computer simulator for developers

The Quantum Development Kit launched by the tech giant Microsoft will allow developers to become familiar with the new language Sharp Q# that the tech giant Microsoft claims to have created ex-nihilo. To do this, the Redmond group has created a quantum computer simulator: so there is no need to have access to one of the few experimental computers in the world to become familiar with the Q# language and start to program and debug.

But that’s not all: the tech giant Microsoft intends to make quantum technology more accessible through the development of a topological qubit that is less sensitive to external variations and errors inherent to the very nature of qubits. To do this, Microsoft explains that it intends to create qubits that contain in themselves the correction of errors, which would make the whole more stable.

So, what do you think about this new language? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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