Did you know according to the tech giant Microsoft, Windows 10 is the most secure desktop operating system that the company ever created. Hence, it waves an early goodbye to Windows 7.

Microsoft Waves An Early Goodbye To Windows 7

Windows 7 has always been rated as one of the best and safest operating systems on the market. After some misplaced Microsoft misses, the company again hit full with this version.

However, with the arrival of Windows 10 and with Microsoft’s willingness to put it on the market, the company now came to show that Windows 7, after all, is no longer safe.

Windows 10 is already present in more than 20% of PCs. This value, although fascinating for the market, falls short of the goals that Microsoft has defined.

All efforts are now aimed at growing this use, and for this, Microsoft has launched several campaigns where it shows that Windows 10 is by far more secure than any other. The most caricature is that now the company of Redmond even claims that Windows 7 is no longer safe and that it is outdated.

Windows 7 is based on a long-obsolete security architecture. Three years before the end of support, and especially corporate customers, must, therefore, in advance, prepare the move to a more modern operating system. Both businesses and home users who still store their sensitive data on Windows 7 will have huge risks of seeing their information exposed in the next three years. Already today, virtually all companies are victims of cyber attacks and 51 percent of all German companies have been victims of these attacks.

This information was published in a Microsoft blog, where the company has detailed all the advantages that home and business users have to upgrade to Windows 10.

In several paragraphs, Microsoft explains that Windows 7 is outdated and its security architecture has already exceeded its useful life, stating that the future is undoubtedly Windows 10.

It’s been three years for Windows 7 support to finish, and within this period companies should use to prepare for the migration, but Microsoft wants to move ahead with this process, thereby increasing Windows 10 usage numbers.

The information presented is accurate, but it is very strange that the tech giant Microsoft itself chooses to fail in one of its most popular operating systems in order to grow its latest system.

Tushar Subhra Dutta
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