We all know very well that the tech giant Microsoft failed miserably with Windows Phone. However, now according to the latest reports, the tech giant Microsoft’s long rumoured Andromeda Foldable smartphone recently got the official tease.

Microsoft’s Foldable Phone ‘Andromeda’ Gets Official Tease

The tech giant Microsoft is currently working on Andromeda. This is an open secret from a few months ago when the first leaks began to appear. This device will be a kind of folding mobile phone/tablet, and it would have functions of the mobile phone, electronic ink, and a full version of Windows 10 for the ARM.

However, we all know that the tech giant Microsoft failed miserably with Windows Phone, but with the arrival of Windows 10 for the ARM or the future Polaris, the light versions that run Win32 and UWP programs with ARM processors opens the door to an interesting future.

Andromeda is currently the code name of the new device that the tech giant Microsoft is creating secretly, although it is also used to refer to the modified operating system that it will incorporate. It is important not to get confuse this Andromeda with the operating system of the tech giant Google, which would be the mix of Chrome OS and Android.

Andromeda would be a version of Windows 10 adapted to mobile, developing in parallel with this hybrid of flexible mobile and tablet. This device will mean the re-entry of the tech giant Microsoft into the mobile market, but without taking too many risks: they launch a tablet with mobile capacity, which can be easily updated via software. And they do not have any problem of incompatibility of applications, because by emulation they will be able to execute everything that is put ahead, in addition to native programs for Windows.

First official mention of Andromeda

The tech giant Microsoft yesterday released the latest preview of the developer kit (Windows 10 SDK Preview). The released 17095 build hides a little secret. As Alex Ionescu has discovered, there is a reference to Andromeda in this development kit. Although it seems a simple and harmless mention, this means that the project and the product exist.

The physical appearance of this hybrid would be very similar to that of a Nintendo DS, but much more modern: it would have two touch screens joined by a hinge, and a precision pencil to take notes, draw, etc. At the processor level, rumours say it will have a Snapdragon 845, with two versions of 64 and 128 GB. This means that the official announcement will be made this year, as they have been saying the rumours in recent months.

Its price would be quite high, and it is estimated that it could reach $1,000. The tech giant Microsoft confirmed bluntly that they would not return to launch phones with Windows Phone, but did not say anything about the mobile phone market in general.

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