Microsoft’s new browser is facing severe Bugs in its new browser, “Edge”. It reportedly tracks the website you visit and stores it in your hard drive.

Microsoft’s Upcoming new browser, “Edge,” is the successor of Internet Explorer. According to the findings of a security researcher, it purportedly saves the website you desire to visit in private browsing mode.

Microsoft’s New Web Browser Reportedly Tracks The Websites you Visit in Private Mode.

According to the writer at Forensic Focus, Ashish Singh disclosed that “This bug in the new browser “Edge” which stores the searched website’s history in the hard drive of the computer even if you are browsing in private mode and it can be then retrieved to assemble a history of websites which you visited.

The Spokesperson of Microsoft told Business Insider that they are aware of the report claiming That private Tabs are not working as promised. He further said that we are devoted to solving this Bug as soon as possible.

This Bug is damaging for Edge, which made a rocky start after shipping without plugins like AdBlock, Hola or VPN service, or other conventional features in Google Chrome or Apple’s Safari has reportedly said that plugins/extensions are coming in mid-2016.

According to The Verge, this problem wasn’t new; Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari also faced this issue. It shows that private browsing is not intended to diverge an investigation of the hard disk.

According to NetMarketShare, The Edge Browser is used by nearly 3% of the computer desktop market as Edge is a new replacement for the existing Internet Explorer browser in Windows Operating Systems and has a total combined share of 40%. If you have upgraded to Windows 10, Edge Browser will be pre-installed there.

So this was all about the Bug discovered in Microsoft’s new Browser edge. However, Microsoft has assured us they will resolve this issue as soon as possible. We hope you loved this article; feel free to share this with your friends.