4 Mind Blowing Features Coming To iOS 10.3 You Should Know
4 Mind Blowing Features Coming To iOS 10.3 You Should Know

Today in this article, we will present and discuss four mind blowing extraordinary features that are actually coming to iOS 10.3 update.

4 Mind Blowing Features Coming To iOS 10.3 You Should Know

In this new year 2017, we may see more updates of iOS, the mobile operating system of Apple Inc. as we have never been able to observe. Earlier we reported that Sonny Dickson, known for iOS news leaks, has unveiled in his Twitter profile that the tech giant Apple will soon begin testing iOS 10.3 as early as on January 10, 2017, at which time the first beta will be released.

In addition, it has also revealed that in this new version a new feature called Theater Mode will be included, which will be activated through an icon in the form of popcorn through the Control Center.

Although little more is known about Dickson’s operation, it could be an improvement of the dark mode optimized to have the active device in theaters without generating any kind of conflicts. Also, echoes Forbes, Dickson notes that the new version of iOS 10.3 would be developed under the codename of “Erie.”

So, apart from all these things the tech giant Apple has finally released the first public beta version of its latest iOS update, giving us a flash of the new features that are simply expected to soon arrive in its iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

But, hold on, as many of you might be thinking that the most awaited feature, of course, the “Theater mode” will be also there in the public beta version. Here comes the twist, and I bet this twist will really make you upset. Yes, the most awaited feature “Theater mode” is notably absent from this public beta version.

However, several Apple rumor media platforms like BGR, Apple Insider, and Macworld clearly hinted or indicated in several ways that the tech giant Apple was set to release a new screen mode which will simply dull the colors on the screen for better low-light viewing.

In any case, it will be a matter of time to leave doubts to know if it is really going to introduce the Theater mode or not. But, until then let’s check out the four best features of the iOS 10.3 update:-

#1 Apple ID Profile

In this new update, we will get a new profile section at the top of the settings menu with all your account information. Even, it will also show you a list of all the Apple devices linked to these accounts.

#2 Weather in Maps

With this new feature, you will now have a flash of the weather wheresoever you go, as this update adds a tiny weather bug that will show the current weather conditions in that area and the seven-day breakdown of the weather.

#3 iCloud storage breakdown

This new feature will show you that how you are actually using your iCloud storage and to do so, you have to click on the iCloud option > Then simply Tap the graph at the top > That’s it now you are done from here you can see the graph which will simply show you that how much space or storage are being used by each. Hold on, as the tech giant Apple may use this space to give you other recommendations to enhance your device’s performance as well.

#4 Find my AirPods

Most controversial feature among all, as initially when the AirPods were introduced many people trolled it simply because “What if you accidentally lost your AirPods then how you will find those lost pairs?”. Now you don’t have to worry about that, as this new feature will simply show you the last known location of the AirPods when they were paired with your phone and even you can also ping them simply to ring them.

So, for now, the tech giant Apple has not yet unveiled the official release date for iOS 10.3 update, which indicates that these new expected features are still subject to change. However, for now, to get the official announcement simply we have to wait.


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