The growing number of smartphones on the market, as well as the development of mobile computing, are two biggest factors that rapidly drive the growth of the mobile app development market.

The usage of the mobile app has grown during the last couple of years. Every kind of application has increased its targeted audience and geographic location. It can be monitored through the game, e-commerce, and social networking applications specifically. The growth of the market means the continuous changes and improvements. Each year we observe newer, better, and more advanced trends on the market. So, let’s have a look what mobile app development services tell us exactly about the current trends in the industry.

Top Mobile App Development Trends Right Now

The global app development market points out the major mobile app development trends for the next couple of years, including 2019. There are many expectations in the industry, but only a few of them can be already monitored. So, here’s 5 big trends, which are already among the leaders of 2019.

5 Mobile App Development Trends in 2019

  • The higher number of cloud applications. We already can observe the solutions, which include both the apps on mobile devices and the server-side of the functionality in the cloud. Why does the industry need it? The solution with a cloud system makes apps on your mobile devices more powerful by adding the functionalities from the cloud.
  • Cybersecurity focus. The topic of cybersecurity measurements is among the hottest ones in the whole world. This influences the mobile and software development industry as well. We are expecting of implementing new generation app security features more and more this year.
  • Increasing the popularity of M-Commerce. What can this trend bring you? M-commerce is becoming a huge deal right now. It is all about time efficiency, flexibility, and safety. And the local businesses are getting a chance to expand their activity and reach more.
  • Internet of Things related apps. The IoT market is rapidly growing. Of course, it is directly related to mobile development growth as well. We expect the higher number of IoT related programs, aimed for better communication and improved safety. As you know, all of IoT things need a mobile app to manage correctly.
  • AR and VR apps. The enterprises and big companies have already understood how to take advantage of the virtual images and cameras on the mobile devices. Today, we can see the number of companies, which already offer quite attractive mobile apps engaging AR and VR. And it is not about gaming revolution. It includes not only all of those gaming features but also some very useful apps, which allow you to improve a shopping experiences through a smartphone only. And that is definitely amazing.

So, that’s all for 5 biggest trends of the mobile app development industry in 2019. Remember that the number of those trends is definitely higher as the mobile app development is one of the most progressive spheres right now. But those 5 trends will be seen a lot out there in 2019.


  1. That’s a great read! I think a top trend for mobile app development in 2020 is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I am looking for some great things from these two this year, I believe they will impress me!


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