10 of the Most Dangerous Android Viruses

A virus is such kind of infectious or malware content in the system of any computing device or smart device that can change the system’s behavior in a wrong way. This can also harm the hardware of the device, but only if the type of virus is extremely dangerous, and this is possible, although it happens very rarely.

Android is probably the most popular mobile operating system and is pretty secure. However, still, there are number of malware and viruses that have made an appearance in the ecosystem of Android in the past few years.

List of 10 Most Dangerous Android Viruses

You can check the behavior of such viruses to determine whether your Android device has one. Below, we have shared the most dangerous Android viruses of all time. Let’s get started.


This one is the most dangerous virus that can be found even with the apps from the Google Play store; you cannot be sure how to prevent it as it’s present even in the most secure Google Play Store.

This one roots the device silently and causes various troubles to the device’s functioning. Removing it is also very difficult; in most cases, users must flash the ROM.


This is a very popular malware that can silently root Android devices without any consent. Once rooted, it installs several apps silently to display ads.

If your Android is infected with Schedun, you will see endless streams of video ads. The ads may appear on the File Manager, apps, and almost everywhere.

However, you will remain safe if you download apps only from the Google Play Store. Schedun malware usually enters your devices through malicious apps. So, it’s best to stick with the Google Play Store for downloading apps to reduce the risk of Schedun malware.


This virus gets installed with the third-party emulators of Nintendo consoles found outside the Google Play Store. This patched virus can just come on your device with third-party apps.

Once installed, Gunpoder directly affects the device performance and attempts to hack the online games. However, you can use antimalware programs to remove it.

To remove all traces of Gunpoder, it’s recommended to reset the Android device.


Hummingbad usually enters your Android smartphone through third-party apps. Once it enters your device, it attempts to install apps without your consent.

The first indication of Hummingbad is the appearance of spammy suspicious apps on the home screen. The Hummingbad malware can steal your saved passwords and personal detail.

The best way to eliminate the risk of Hummingbad is to stop downloading apps from third-party sources. Also, you can run a full scan with an antimalware app to remove Hummingbad from your device.

DroidSnake Type A

DroidSnake Type A is one of the most dangerous viruses on an Android device. The malware appears in a game known as Tap Snake. But, once a user clicks on it, it triggers the GPS coordinate to the hacker and silently works in the background. It then installs several apps, which are later used to transfer sensitive information.

Since the app operates in the background, it can be easily spotted. So, you need to look for the background process and then remove it. Security apps won’t help to remove DroidSnake Type A Infection.


Geinimi (Android.Geinimi) is a common virus that hackers use to trap innocent victims. The virus represents itself as a gaming app and collects data from the smartphone once installed. The virus mostly poses as a gaming app distributed in third-party App stores.

The best way to get rid of Geinimi is to check the running process. If you find the process known as Android.Geinimi, you need to stop and remove it as soon as possible.


Well, this is often used as a rooting app. The app claims that it can improve user permissions on smartphones. However, Zeahache can open several backdoors on the device, resulting in data theft. So, it’s another most dangerous virus ever meant for Android devices.


According to the security firm Symantec, Android.DroidDream has infected almost 200,000 Android smartphones since 2011. The virus acts as a rooting app, but it installs some malware programs meant to transfer sensitive information from the device.

Standard Antivirus apps available for an Android operating system can spot DroidDream, but only the premium and most effective ones can remove it. So, you need to use a reliable and robust security app to eliminate Droid Dream.


This virus is meant to damage users rather than infect the device. Android.Uxipp is known for sending paid SMS from infected smartphones without being noticed by users. The virus can also leak the IMEI and IMSI numbers of the infected devices.

So, the best way to avoid this virus is to install Malwarebytes and run a full scan. Always make sure to download apps from trusted sources like Google Play Store.

So, these are some of the most dangerous Android viruses of all time. You can avoid almost all security issues on your Android by downloading apps only from the Google Play Store. If you liked the post, share it with your friends as well.


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