Well, email is once and always recognized as the primary mode of communication. In fact, we all use email services like Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Outlook, etc for communication. Most of the web professionals and business profiles rely upon email to connect with the customer. Therefore, it’s mandatory to use secure email services.

However, users mostly don’t think much about the security level of the email provider. In fact, popular email service providers like Yahoo Mail, Gmail, etc are not completely protected. These popular email providers are focused on providing better email services and they overlook the security needs of the users.

Therefore, it’s time to try out some of the lesser-known email providers which take security and users’ privacy more seriously. These lesser-known email providers focus on security and provide end-to-end encryption. That means you can have full peace in your mind while using those email services.

15 Most Secure Email Services For Better Privacy in 2022

In this article, we are going to share 15 of the best secure Email services for better privacy. So, let’s take a look at the most secure email services.

1) ProtonMail


It is one of the leading email providers right now. The email service provider focuses on privacy and security and it ensures that the user stays safe from email scams. The great thing about ProtonMail is that it offers end-to-end encryption for all messages. Apart from that, ProtonMail also allows users to send self-destructing emails.

2) CounterMail


If you are looking for an email service provider that focuses on user security, then CounterMail might be the best pick for you. The interface of CounterMail is beyond amazing and its made by keeping simplicity at mind. CounterMail also offers end-to-end encryption between the sender and the receiver. Not just that, but CounterMail also has support for email filters and it offers a built-in password manager.

3) Hushmail


It is another best and top-rated email service on the list which keeps your emails safe. The service is much like Protonmail as it also offers end-to-end encryption of the messages. Apart from that, Hushmail has its apps published on the iOS and Android app stores. So, it’s definitely the best email service that you can use right now.

4) Mailfence


Well, Mailfence is based on OpenPGP standard and it offers end-to-end encryption and digital signing. The email service was launched way back in November 2013 and its one of the best in its section. The best thing about Mailfence is that it has support for two-factor authentication which makes things hard for hackers to break in. Apart from that, the service allows users to import contacts from Gmail, Outlook, vCard, CSV files, etc.

5) Tutanota


Well, if you are looking for an email service that focuses on providing better security, then Tutanota might be the perfect pick for you. Guess what? Tutanota encrypts all email from the sender to the receiver and decrypts right on the device. The great thing about Tutanota is that despite being an open-source system, it provides users a dedicated platform for their email.

6) Kolab Now

Kolab Now

It’s a premium email service on the list which has lots of interesting features. The email service is mostly used by businesses as it offers tons of security features. What makes Kolab Now different from all other services is that it offers a built-in office suite. That means you can open office files directly on the email service.

7) Runbox


If you are searching for an email client that offers tons of privacy and security features, then Runbox might be the best pick for you. Guess what? it’s one of the top-email providers on the list when it comes to email encryption. It has almost everything that’s needed to keep your valuable data away from hackers.

8) Posteo


Well, Posteo is another popular email provider that is known for its encrypted and sustainable email accounts. Of course, Posteo offers encrypted email services and all emails that you send with Posteo are fully encrypted. Not just that, but Posteo also offers Two-Factor authentication which adds another layer of security.

9) SCRYPTmail


The best feature that makes SCRYPTmail stand out from the crowd is its “Front-end encryption”. Due to the front-end encryption, SCRYPTmail sends no written text or unencoded information over the network. What’s more interesting is that SCRYPTmail also encrypts all its meta-data as well.

10) Disroot


It’s another best-encrypted email option that you can consider. The email service is been there for a while and it provides users a complete ad-free experience. It’s a browser-based email client that is fairly easy to use. Apart from the email services, the service also has cloud storage options.

11) StartMail


It is one of the best and easiest way to protect yourself from unwanted intrusion and mass surveillance. It’s a premium email service that offers easy one-click PGP encryption. Not just that, but StartMail also allows users to send a private email to anyone. Apart from that, it also allows users to create disposable email addresses, IMAP/SPTP compatible, etc.

12) Fast Mail

Fast Mail

It is another best private, secure, and ad-free email service on the list which can greatly benefit you and your business. Guess what? Fast Mail is right now used by over 150,000+ members and it has TLS encryption to protect your emails. Not just that, but Fast Mail also offers an optional two-step verification to secure your emails.

13) LuxSci


Well, LuxSci is one of the best USA based secure email provider which you can use right now. The best thing about LuxSci is that it offers users lots of security-related features that can protect your email from third-parties. Not just that, but LuxSci also has end-to-end encryption and it uses SMTP TLS and other secure systems to protect your emails.

14) Mailbox


The email service is great for individuals, teams, or business use. If we talk about the features, Mailbox offers users some useful features like calendar, contacts, groupware, etc. Not just that, but the email service can also be used with a third-party email client that has support for POP, IMAP, SMTP, etc.

15) Thexyz


The best thing about Thexyz is that all emails were encrypted with a 256-bit AES encryption method. Apart from that, Thexyz also offers features like a calendar, contacts, chat, etc. Not only that, but Thexyz also offers users autoresponder, spam filters, and email filtering options as well.

So, these are the 15 best secure email services that you can trust. With these email services, you can be fully confident that the messages that you just send are fully safe and secure. So, what do you think about this? Share your views in the comment box


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