Mycroft is a home automation device based on Linux, which promises to change the way we interact with our homes. The hardware creators show how it’s done.

The Mycroft shows that you can take a Raspberry Pi 2 and build something that seems to have been taken from a science fiction movie. It is a small robot with AI (Artificial Intelligence) that can interact with users. The Mycroft is scheduled to be released in April 2016, but the software integration in Ubuntu does not have a precise date.

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It is what we call the Internet of Things (IoT – Internet of Things), and a concept that brings together under one “umbrella (See image below) all the resources needed to connect to the Internet. The Mycroft takes advantage of this feature, being able to control himself or your devices. It’s kind of IoT, the gateway to your home.

Mycroft Becomes Official Partner of Ubuntu For Internet of Things

Mycroft Becomes Official Partner of Ubuntu For Internet of Things
Mycroft Becomes Official Partner of Ubuntu For Internet of Things

The project also produced a byproduct called Mycroft IA, which is part of the voice recognition software. Linux systems have some voice recognition applications, but they do not have all that is necessary. The Mycroft IA is an open source solution, and should serve as a “glove” for all that has been done so far.

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The Mycroft is complex

The team Mycroft decided to release a device of the problem so that anyone can see what really happened. This is not something that is usually done with commercial devices, but Mycroft is no ordinary project.

It is important to note that Mycroft is now an official partner of Canonical for IoT, which should help them to have access to developers and better interaction of Mycroft AI in Unity platform.

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“The Mycroft has continued to strengthen ties with Canonical, Ubuntu becoming an official partner for the Internet of Things. We are immensely grateful to Canonical and the team’s commitment to this technology, and also to your support and guidance as we continue to grow as a project. We look forward to this partnership will bring in terms of innovation and community involvement, and we have the highest hopes for a bright future in this regard.”

Mycroft staff at the official website.