Recently, researchers have discovered an extraordinary N3XT Chip an insurgent way 1000 times faster, we can enhance our electronic products in the standard computer chip efficiency.

The N3XT chip – Carnegie Mellon University, Stanford University and the University of California at Berkeley researchers who discovered a new Nano-Material Chip that can be used to replace conventional electronic device or computers in a silicon chip, so that the traditional device processing engage speed of 1,000 times faster.

This means that the new chip manufactured as nano-materials can optimize on conventional computers, so the efficiency of down typical and more complex problems is solved, even more, faster.

N3XT Chip Makes Normal Computer To Supercomputer as 1000 Times Faster

The chip, known as N3XT (nano-engineered computer systems technology). simply put. Like a rich resource from single layout (conventional silicon chip), the evolution of the skyscraper layout (N3XT), which also echoes the IEEE Computer magazine “to restart the computer science” that discourse.

N3XT Chip Makes Normal Computer To Supercomputer as 1000 Times Faster
N3XT Chip Makes Normal Computer To Supercomputer as 1000 Times Faster

Currently, the device we are using based on standard silicon chip structure has a major problem, these silicon chips are arranged like independent house suburbs. This means that these chips are single-layer, between each house connected with a lineup, so that the transmission of data.

The disadvantage of these silicon chips that big time in the data stream and transmission distance, it would be more energy-consuming, often occur when dealing with blockage.

But, N3XT chips: 1000 times faster skyscrapers layout, N3XT chip is composed of carbon nanotube transistors, tiny cylindrical carbon molecules efficiently transfer heat and electricity. N3XT model processor and memory are divided into different layers of skyscrapers, among all the faces from the millions of tiny electronic lift access, through which to transfer data between chips.

The layout of the great advantages of skyscrapers that move data faster between the silicon chip is much higher in a shorter distance than vertical transmission efficiency of a large area in the lateral transfer.

Professor H. -S Philip Wong,

When it has higher speed and lower power consumption, N3XT layout will be much faster than the traditional layout of 1,000 times.

N3XT Another advantage of better than silicon chips is it’s not stacked manufacture, on the contrary, this is the N3XT chip. Because during manufacture silicon chips will heat to about 1,000 degrees Celsius, causing damage to the underlying chip.

And N3XT chip temperature at the time of manufacture to be much lower, so can be easily stacked layers. It sounds a disruptive technology, it is interesting that the chip architecture approach may bring a true revolution in the macro, as did more than a century ago.