Malware has badly affected android devices in India, China, and Indonesia. These countries have the most extensive android base but also have a high growth rate of malware in Android.

According to a report by Cheetah Mobile, it was discovered that the latest global mobile security report is mainly based on Android Gadgets. It also consists of data leakages and rounds out with security predictions for 2016. The report also shows the tremendous growth of various viruses, phishing, malware, and infected devices over vital markets, including India.

Nearly 1 Million Devices infected in India, reveals Security Report.

The Company’s yearly security report is collective data based on 567 million active users globally, which also has an install of nearly 2 Billion users using the Company’s mobile apps on android devices.

Android operating systems flourished worldwide, but viruses are growing following the growth of Android. The report estimated that several viruses crossed 9.5 Million, which is abundant and doubled the number of viruses throughout the previous three years. It was 2.8 million in 2014, while the growth rate was more than 22% in 2015.

The root Trojan virus rose in 2015 because it can gain system-level privilege. This virus can also take complete control of Android devices, and it is tough to get rid of it.

Mobile Devices have been badly affected by viruses. Due to the tremendous growth in mobile payments service, the total number of malware also increased promptly, thus also affecting mobile banking services.

Nearly thousands of companies and millions of users have been badly affected by data leaks in the previous year, 2015; data leakage caused havoc among companies and users.

The Stage fright vulnerability affected nearly 95% of android devices. It has been witnessed that vulnerabilities in Android appear rapidly. It also reveals that vulnerabilities in Android may never be put an end to.

The report reveals that India, China, and Indonesia were the top three affected countries. Although these countries have the most significant android users, the leading cause of viruses is tts, the most rapid growth of third-party app marketsuses. So due to the rapid growth of third-party app markets, you can quickly get viruses on your android device when you download any app through their site. It also shows the weak monitoring of third-party app sites, which gave birth to more and more viruses.

So, this was all about the tremendous growth of viruses in android devices which has affected mobile banking, wallet services, and many services. You must take safety and preventive measures to protect your device from this malware. We suggest you never download any application from third-party sites, as third-party sites will put your device at high risk.