Netflix's New Feature Will Allow Users to Update Profile Settings In App

Netflix has now introduced a new feature that allows you to edit or update your Netflix profile settings hassle-free straight through your Netflix app.

This year, Netflix announced improving user experience and adding new features at the beginning of this year. However, Netflix tries to make the app super easy and wants to give complete control to users. Recently, Netflix has also introduced its upcoming password-sharing charges plan.

Earlier, if you wanted to access your Netflix Account Settings or make updates to the profile, users would have to open Netflix on a different web browser and make the changes. But Now, you can directly access it through your Android App. Unfortunately, This feature is currently unavailable for iOS users.

How To Change Profile Settings From Netflix App

How To Change Profile Settings From Netflix App
credit: indianexpress

This new addition will let you change the display language, audio, autoplay, and more settings with a few clicks. You will now be able to choose a preferred language from over 20 options, enable or disable the “Autoplay” next episode toggle, and even turn on or off the autoplay previews from your Android phone.

Go to the latest version of Netflix and tap on your profile then tap on the individual profile.

There will now be an option to “Edit Profile” under the Settings section, which will enable you to make changes to all profiles if you have a premium Netflix subscription.

Although, they are still not available on the platform’s iOS app. We can expect these settings to roll out for iOS users soon now that Android has got hold of them.


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