Netflix phishing scam is spotted, which can steal your credit card details easily. These days, internet scams are getting regular one or the other day we see any app stealing data. A new scam has linked to one of the most popular online streaming app globally Netflix. This scam in Netflix gets the login details, billing details and also credit card details of the users.

New phishing scam takes users to fake Netflix site. 

New phishing scam takes users to fake Netflix site. 

This scam of Netflix starts with a mail sent to the user, which looks like real Netflix. In the email, it says there is a problem with your billing details, and if you don’t click on the given click, your Netflix subscription will not work. So, correct the details by clicking on the given link in the mail.

With such type of email, it is easy to fall, and when you click on the link, it will take you to the website, which looks exactly like Netflix website. It will also ask you to enter the captcha, so it looks real, not fake. It will ask you to enter login details of Netflix account, and then you need to enter your credit card details for billing information. Once you enter all the details, the hackers will receive all this information, and they will redirect to your real Netflix account. You will not know anything as you have got fooled by the scammers.

According to the reports at Armorblox, some of the users have got emails regarding the billing issue of their Netflix account. The email said that the subscription would be cancelled in 24 hours if the user won’t click on the given link.

It will take you to this fake website. Check the link in the address bar:

New phishing scam takes users to fake Netflix site. 
New phishing scam takes users to fake Netflix site.

The Scammers are using all the tricks to steal all your financial details like credit card details. If you get any email, then do not click on any given links sent via email. Always check the sender of the email, check out the email address, the spellings and all other things to verify it is fake or real.

And if you click on the given link, then check out the web address in the address bar in the web browser before entering any details. If you think everything is genuine, then you can log in to the actual website or the Netflix app.

So, beware of this new Netflix scam which may steal your personal details. Before clicking on any link, make sure you check it.


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