AKHAN’s Miraj Diamond Glass would be the new alternative to the Corning’s Gorilla Glass. AKHAN Semiconductor claims that their diamond glass is much tougher than the latest Gorilla Glass 5

This New Diamond Glass Could Be The Future of Smartphone Screens

As we know Corning Gorilla glass is protecting our smartphone screens from a long time and Corning gorilla glass is available in various electronic devices. The competitor of Corning Gorilla Glass, DragonTrail is inefficient to maintain its mark and is far behind Corning Gorilla Glass.

We have recently spotted Corning Gorilla Glass 5 announced in the month of July and are already used in some high-end smartphones like Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and other Nexus products.

The reason why we are talking about Gorilla Glass is because AKHAN semiconductor is working on a decent alternative which is expected to compete with Corning Gorilla Glass in electronic devices. AKHAN semiconductor named it as AKHAN Miraj NCD Diamond. The name, however, is not as attractive as Corning Gorilla Glass.

This New Diamond Glass Could Be The Future of Smartphone Screens
This New Diamond Glass Could Be The Future of Smartphone Screens

The Company claims that the diamond-coated glass will be tougher than sapphire. Sapphire is an ultra-tough material that never failed to create a good impression while protecting electronic gadgets. The company also claimed that Akhan Miraj NCD diamond materials will be four times more crack-resistant and seven times more scratch-proof than gorilla glass.

The company claims that the procedure to develop the product is much quicker and cheaper to mass-produce. The layer of AKHAN Miraj NCD Diamond is grown by the method identified as Chemical vapour deposition in which the diamond layers are grown on the top of normal glass using microwave reactor.

The CEO of AKHAN semiconductor Adam Khan said, “We’re using regular UV grade Corning glass substrate,” and he believes that the diamond glass will be budget friendly and more productive solutions for the smartphone or other device manufacturers. It will be worth a notice that AKHAN’s diamond coated glassed will be cheaper than sapphire because it is created in labs rather than digging the mountains which is very expensive.

Even if the diamond is one of the extremely rigid materials, Adam Khan described that the material can be flexed up to 45 degrees. Adam Khan also ensures that the properties of diamond make it possible to add a semiconductor he said: “The platform enables fabrication of complex devices such as high speed/power transistors, RF, and microwave electronics.”

According to the sources, Akhan Miraj NCD diamond glasses are to be manufactured within a year. The company currently is in the hunt for licensing partners to manage the productions and hasn’t ruled out Corning as a potential partner