New Gorilla Glass 5 Will Survive Smartphone Drops Of More Than 5 Feet
New Gorilla Glass 5 Will Survive Smartphone Drops Of More Than 5 Feet

The American glass manufacturer Corning is working on Gorilla Glass 5 and claims that the glass is now able to survive more drops than ever. Hence, the official claims that the new Gorilla Glass 5 will survive 1.6-meter, shoulder-height drops onto hard, rough surfaces up to 80% of the time.

New Gorilla Glass 5 Will Survive Smartphone Drops Of More Than 5 Feet

Since smartphone displays are little bit fragile, the big concern about their physical state is achieved survive falls to the ground and liquids. As the second is resolved by including various types of resistance in different terminals, while the appearance of breakage of the screens has always been most controversial.

Hence, the market leader for cellular glass company announced an extra strong glass to accidental falls on hard and rough surfaces.

The company says that its protection screens have been used in more than 4.5 million devices of all kinds. As we all know that the Corning manufactures tough glass, but there are millions of phones that can attest that despite its durability, continues to erupt when it falls into a specific position.

Corning announced Gorilla Glass 5, which promises to be twice as strong as the previous version and ensures survive falls of 1.6 meters. According to the tests performed in the laboratory, the Corning engineers said that “this product showed the tolerance of 20 falls without stop working, while the similar experiments with the other glass of the same competition tore the first fall.

According to the company reports, 85% of users drop their smartphone at least once a year, with 66% of those falls included spaces between waist and shoulder. But the big news is that Gorilla Glass 5 is now twice as strong, up to 4 times more resistant than its competitors and leads to the subpar thickness 0.6 mm.

Another difference from the previous generation is the type of surface on which it is resistant. While Gorilla Glass 4 unresisting to flat surfaces, the fifth version withstands rough surfaces.