Recently, Sonny Dickson, known for iOS news leaks, has unveiled that the new iOS 10.3 update from the tech giant Apple will simply blow your mind.

New iOS 10.3 Update From Apple Will Blow Your Mind

In this new year 2017, we may see more updates of iOS, the mobile operating system of Apple Inc. as we have never been able to observe. Sonny Dickson, known for iOS news leaks, has recently unveiled in his Twitter profile that the tech giant Apple will soon begin testing iOS 10.3 as early as on January 10, 2017, at which time the first beta will be released.

In addition, it has also revealed that in this new version a new feature called Theater Mode will be included, which will be activated through an icon in the form of popcorn through the Control Center.

Although little more is known about Dickson’s operation, it could be an improvement of the dark mode optimized to have the active device in theaters without generating any kind of conflicts. Also, echoes Forbes, Dickson notes that the new version of iOS 10.3 would be developed under the codename of “Erie.”

In another order, Forbes also echoes that the Cupertino giant Apple would be preparing a smaller version of iOS in which it is likely to contain the solution of the battery error at 30%, something that will arouse greater interest among affected users with respect to the new major iOS update. Among affected users are those who have an iPhone 5 to an iPhone 6s.

In any case, it will be a matter of time to leave doubts to know if it is really going to introduce that Theater mode and to know exactly what its purpose. It will also be a matter of days to know if the new minor update corrects the known 30% error that already created so much outrage among the users, and even between the agencies as well.


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