The tech giant Apple fans are just a few months away from getting their hands on Apple’s tenth Anniversary iPhone. However, we already saw many new render leaks and images of the upcoming beast of the tech giant Apple, iPhone 8. But now, the new iPhone 8 leak confirms the launch date, new features, and 512GB Variant.

New iPhone 8 Leak Confirms Launch Date, New Features & 512GB Variant

It is for days and there are more and more certainties of the look, features, and changes in strategies that the Cupertino company has in mind for the new iPhone 8. According to a reliable publication, the tech giant Apple plans to introduce the iPhone 8, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus already on 12.

Everything is headed for the launch of what is expected to be the best and most innovative iPhone that the tech giant Apple has produced since the first release launched in 2007.

According to some sources, Apple has already started sending operators the date of Keynote where the iPhone 8 will be presented. This information to the operators is crucial for these to prepare reservations and launch promotional packages that have these iPhones as a highlight. Thus, operators also prepare their orders to Apple to meet the requests of their customers.

What’s new?

It is true that the news does not seem to slow down. If rumors for a long time suggested that the Home button disappear from the front of the screen and passed back, this information, in recent times, seems to have been put aside. Apple was supposed to be able to insert the Touch ID on the new OLED screen and thus continue to have this security feature on the iPhone 8 screen.

Now, a video appeared on the Internet that puts the Touch ID back on the iPhone and where it could certainly be a convenient use, the symbol of Apple.

In the video, we can see alleged employees working on the iPhone 8, who test the device by testing and calibrating the biometric sensor. It returns to the first phase of this feature, giving the technology 3D Facial Recognition the maximum importance.

Face ID the revolution in iPhone security

We recall that the tech giant Apple could put on its new iPhone a technology that some analysts called “revolutionary.” This is because it consists of three modules: a front camera module with standard features, an infrared transmission module and an infrared receiving module, which will enable the iPhone 8 to be able to perform 3D modeling and sensing functions.

It is also possible that the front camera supports 4K video recording at 60 frames per second. This information was found in the HomePod firmware, although there may be some “uncertainties” about the exact specifications here.

Color and storage

Some other color-related information that may be available, as well as the storage capacity placed at the consumer’s choice, are also being advanced.

The new glass structure on the rear can now be black, silver, gold (Copper or Blush Gold?) And these variants will be available in 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB of storage capacity. The new processor will be the A11, 3GB of RAM and OLED display of 5.8 inches “end to end”.

Price and availability

According to the latest “rumors” released by technology analysts, the iPhone 8 will have a base price of around $1000. So, we will have the presentation on September 12 and it will be available to the public on September 22nd.

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