We all know very well that how the tech giant Apple brought the revolutionary changes in its flagship device, of course, the iPhone X in terms of design and features. However, now, recently, a video appeared in Weibo, placed by a user shows an iPhone X type device, yes, I am talking about the new iPhone SE 2 or you can name it iPhone X SE.

Video: Meet The New iPhone SE 2 With iPhone X Design

There is an ambiguous video on the Weibo (social network very popular in China) where it is stated that the images shown are of the next ‘iPhone SE 2’.

As we can see, the images meet some rumours and give a design similar to the iPhone X, but with a chassis more similar to the line of iPhone SE. After looking with some attention, however, we may perceive a number of details to mistrust truthfulness.

The video that appeared in Weibo, placed by a user identified as “Kimmi”, shows an iPhone X type device, unlocked and used in a normal and conventional way before being placed on a table. Only one sentence questions whether it will be an iPhone SE 2!

iPhone SE 2 would salvage the iPhone X?

The device shown is identified as an “iPhone SE 2”, the successor of the iPhone SE, and is presented with similar details to the SE line but now with the screen, camera layout and premium materials.

Although it may be convincing to some users, a closer look can realize that the video is fake.

It starts right after the video itself if someone has this equipment in hand if you are filming it, why will you leave the question if it is an “iPhone SE 2”? In it, nothing shows that it could be this model, because even if there was no such phrase, many people would believe that it was an iPhone X, given the similarities.

The notch looks the same in dimensions as the iPhone X, the camera, the fluidity of the touch, even the apps icons are already in line with a current mode of use, it does look like someone has transformed the chassis of an iPhone X so that it looked like another, older, iPhone model.

Another issue is the screen size. This, by the dimensions presented, clearly gives the feeling of being equal in dimensions to the screen of the iPhone X. We all know that the SE line was manufactured to be a smaller screen offering.

Then, in relation to technology, it is already known that an iPhone with Face ID and OLED screen will never be for a range of prices where the iPhone SE gravitates. Adding dual camera and materials like the rear window, the tech giant Apple would have been to make an iPhone X “more square” in terms of structure.

Another important point is the level of competition within the same segment and family. So, the tech giant Apple would create an iPhone with as much technology as the iPhone X and would put the price cheaper? Who would later buy the iPhone X?

Analysts and a few “anonymous” people in the middle of the production chain, who have come up with some clues for discussion, have already reaffirmed that the tech giant Apple when launching an upgraded version of the SE, will be like modern hardware. It will be a processor upgrade, eventually with wireless charging and little else, it will not even have OLED screen and almost certainly will not receive Face ID or dual camera. The SE is an equipment for a more commercial and not so playful medium.

So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

Tushar Subhra Dutta
Tushar Subhra Dutta is a content writer at Tech Viral. As, he writes about Technology, Science, Gadgets, Hacking & Security, Social Media and much more.


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