Mozilla Just Launched A New Version Of Firefox With Game-Changing New Features
Mozilla Just Launched A New Version Of Firefox With Game-Changing New Features

We all know that Firefox is unquestionably one of the best browsers of today. Although not the most used worldwide, this browser has evolved significantly both by performance level and functionality level. Hence, now according to the latest reports, recently Mozilla released the new version of its browser, Firefox 61 with game-changing new features.

Mozilla Just Launched A New Version Of Firefox With Game-Changing New Features

After several years of performance problems and with fewer and fewer users, Mozilla has decided to re-bet heavily on its browser and now has one of the best on the market.

This work has been seen in the latest versions of Firefox and has been continued now with the release of the latest version. Firefox 61 has arrived and is ready to be a real competitor.

Firefox version 61 has now appeared, about 2 months after the previous version was known, continuing the cycle of rapid developments that Mozilla has committed to perform. There are many new features that make this browser even better.

What’s New in Firefox 61 for Desktop?

The most used version of Firefox is without any doubt the desktop. Present in Windows, Linux, and MacOS, this new release gives extensions the ability to visually control open tabs, and sites that are not being used can be hidden to make room for the remaining tabs.

Also, the switch between tabs is faster, all thanks to the ability of Firefox 61 which now load the tabs preventatively as soon as the user swipes the tab that user wants to see.

The search has also been improved and can be added directly to sites that support OpenSearch, increasing the ability to perform searches in Firefox. The home screen has also been enhanced and will more accurately store the sites present, collecting data in advance, and therefore serving these pages faster.

The news of Firefox 61 for Android

The mobile version of Firefox has also received news. Firstly the Quantum CSS engine is present and better, which turns to faster page loading. Improvements in overall performance are also visible, which makes this version of Firefox even better to use.

All of these improvements are now available for testing by simply updating Firefox. With all these new features, Firefox reinforces its position as an alternative in the browser market, seeking to recover the users that it has lost over the years.

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