We all know very well that the problems of computer security are, as a rule, associated with failures in the operating systems and in the applications that run on them. It is not normal for failures to be on the hardware that supports them. However, now according to the latest reports, Intel’s latest core SoCs have a serious security flaw.

Lazy State – New Serious Chip Flaw Hits Intel Processors

The giant chip manufacturer, of course, Intel has been hit by serious issues in recent months. There have been many security breaches that have cropped up in their processors, many of them with no possibility of correction or loss of performance.

A new problem seems to have now arisen, which again affects these processors. This time the crash is serious but can be solved with a simple software update.

It has not been easy the last few months for the giant chip manufacturer, of course, Intel. There are many security issues detected that affect its processors. Both Specter and Meltdown have left deep marks on the company and will hardly be forgotten.

A new major flaw in Intel processors

A new flaw has now been revealed and appears to bring new problems to Intel’s processors. Designated by Lazy FP state restore, this is present on all Sandy Bridge processors and later.

This problem is listed as being of moderate severity but should be treated very soon to avoid being exploited. The information is still sparse, something that the giant chip manufacturer, of course, Intel intends to keep until the problem is solved.

According to what the company describes, the Lazy FP state can be used by system processes to extract data and information from other processes that are running in parallel.

“System software may opt to use Lazy FP state restore instead of eager save and restore of the state upon a switch context. Lazy restored states are potentially vulnerable to exploits where one process may infer values of other processes through a speculative execution side channel that infers their value.”

Lazy FP state restore fixes are being prepared

Even though it is a serious flaw, since it allows theft of data from other processes, this is a fault lies with the software of these processors. RedHat and other companies associated with Linux are already preparing for the necessary updates, and the tech giant Microsoft and Apple are also expected to submit corrections to this issue soon.

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