We all know very well that the integration of services in Google Maps has been very positive for users of this service in recent years. However, now according to the latest reports, along with the well-known cab service firm Uber, the Ola cab and Meru cabs’ integration support has been axed by the tech giant Google in its Google Maps app.

No More Uber, Ola In Google Maps

The integration of services in Google Maps has been very positive for users of this service in recent years. Several have managed to gain a prominent place and be directly accessible in the search results.

One of these services was Uber, which had a close relationship with the tech giant Google and Google Maps. Now, this unique ability that was given to Uber has disappeared, and the service is no longer available directly on Google Maps.

The integration of Uber into Google Maps was unique and allowed users to request a trip without having to leave to access the transport service app. With few touches on the screen, this one became available.

Without yet knowing the reasons, the tech giant Google resolved to remove the Uber service from Google Maps and failed to make the travel reservation available directly in the search results.

Information is scarce, but a Google support page only states that “It is no longer possible to book Uber travel directly on Google Maps.”

In fact, the tech giant Google has not completely removed Uber from Google Maps. We just pulled the functionality of asking for a trip directly on this service. Uber stays there and is, like other services, sending users to its service app.

It is speculated that this removal of Google Maps could be related to the recent problems between these two companies in the creation of autonomous cars and in the robbery of secrets. Google just mentioned that it is always testing new features and testing their functionality, removing those that are not used.

After being integrated into Google Maps in January last year, it is now time for Uber to be removed from Google Maps, leaving users with only the official transport service app, something many do not like to be constantly monitored.

As for India, along with Uber, the other cab services who utilize this feature include Ola Cabs and Meru Cabs has also lost this support.

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