Have you ever wonder that how tough is the new and economical Nokia 2? In this article, I will show you an amazing durability test (Video) of the new mid-range smartphone of the Finnish company Nokia, of course, I am talking about the Nokia 2, and the test will simply amaze you.

OMG! Nokia 2 Survives Scratch, Burn & Bend Test

The Finnish company Nokia has returned to the market through the front door with its Android phones, without confirming yet the scope of its sales, of course, it can be assured that the firm is throwing the rest by offering a wide and well-updated range of smartphones. Today we know a resistance test of the Nokia 2, where we will see how it faces scratches or fire.

Undoubtedly what most attracts the attention of Nokia 2 is its price, a mobile that can be purchased for around $100, and therefore it is one of the cheapest in the market, and today we will check if it is also a rugged phone or not.

Resistance test of the Nokia 2

We say precisely if it will surpass the Nokia 5 of the Finnish company Nokia, because it had an excellent result in the test that we saw just a few days ago, resisting very well the onslaught of the different tests.

While in the case of the Nokia 2, it is not so lucky in this test, and it is thus mainly for its construction. Remember that its body is made of plastic, in fact, you can remove the back cover as well, and while in the case of the Nokia 5 it has a much stronger metal body.

The Nokia 2 surpasses with a good note the scratch test on the screen, obtaining a result similar to that of other much more expensive terminals. As for the scratches on the case, they are very visible, even it is quite easy with the blade to remove the letters of the Nokia logo on its backside.

Of course, the camera’s glass remains intact after several attempts to scratch it with the blade, which reveals an interesting resistance of the Nokia 2. It also faces the fire, that of a lighter on its screen, behaving well in this aspect, darkening at first and recovering its original appearance soon after.

In the hardest test of all, the bend test or its resistance to bending, the Nokia 5 a few days ago had an excellent result, not bending at any time, or deforming. Something that can not be said for Nokia 2, which has seen how after making enough strength, it bends slightly until it does not recover its original shape.

Something that was coming, if we consider the plastic body of this phone, which is obviously much less resistant, and is not as robust as a metal unibody body, as in the case of Nokia 5. In any case, it is a mobile that cots your 100 dollars, so we cannot expect a lot of things.

So, what do you think about this Noki 2 resistance test? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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