Have you ever wonder that how tough is the new and economical Nokia 5? In this article, I will show you an amazing durability test (Video) of the new mid-range smartphone of the Finnish company Nokia, of course, I am talking about the Nokia 5, and the test will simply amaze you.

OMG! Nokia 5 Survives Scratch Burn & Bend Test

How tough is the new and economical Nokia 5? The same Zack Nelson offers us a clear and forceful answer through his YouTube channel, well-known as “JerryRigEverything”, in which with a video he offers us his particular way to check the resistance of the Nokia 5 with more than positive results.

What are the features do you especially remember about the Nokia phones from the 90s? Most probably many of you instantly think of the sculptural resistance of the phone, indestructible before any fall or another type of threat to the integrity of the equipment.

The renewed Nokia, the one that resurfaced in the hands of HMD Global, promised that its new models, Nokia smartphones with Android, would also be characterized by their resistance. The Nokia 6 has already shown that it complies with the canon, so did the Nokia 8. Now it is the Nokia 5 that maintains the assumption.

Nokia 5 endurance test, in video

We refer again to a video of the already extended YouTube channel well-known as JerryRigEverything where the creator of the site offers us a video with the resistance test of the Nokia 5. A video clip that shows from the first moment that the mid-range smartphone, which you can buy on Amazon for just Rs. 13,390 (the US $209), offers a level of resistance really within the reach of a few smartphones, even higher than that of high-end models, range, that are much more expensive.

In the first instance, the video with the resistance test of the Nokia 5 makes it clear that the Gorilla Glass offers scratch resistance at a level 6 on the Mohs scale. In this sense, the results are identical to high-end smartphones.

As for the camera and the flash, unlike the younger brother, the Nokia 3, the Nokia 5 smartphone has a high degree of resistance since both components are protected with hardened glass.

The “fire” test

As for the scratch resistance of the casing, Zack Nelson shows that the aluminium is of high quality and is present even on the side buttons. In this section, you can also see how the upper and lower profiles of the housing are topped with plastic material to favour the reception and emission of electromagnetic waves from the antenna.

However, although the cutting of the cutter does not offer resistance, in the day to day should not pose any drawback from the structural point of view and strength of the casing.

Although the flame test of a cigarette lighter leaves a mark of the effect caused by heat on the display, the final test of fire is the one that tries to show us the resistance of the aluminium housing of the Nokia 5.

In this last part of the test it is clear that the rigidity of the aluminium chassis is total and not even Zack Nelson, despite applying a significant amount of torque, neither the aluminium structure nor the Nokia 5 screen yields an apex.

So, what do you think about this results and test? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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