The Finnish company Nokia recently made a major comeback in the smartphone market and it looks like Nokia is doing things really well. But, recently, the Finnish company Nokia unveiled a very bad news for all the Nokia fans, and the bad news is that Nokia smartphones will not support Google’s Project Treble.

Nokia 8, 6, 5, 3 & 2 Will Not support Google’s Project Treble

We all know that Nokia recently made a major comeback in the smartphone market and it looks like Nokia is doing things really well.

The manufacturer has resurfaced as a phoenix with the help of HMD Global and had now entered the Android market. The next smartphone that could be expected from the HMD global is Nokia 9 and it’s going to be the first high-end smartphone from the Finnish company Nokia that can compete against the all new Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 8 and iPhone X.

The fragmentation in Android is a subject that we all know since it affects us all. But, the tech giant Apple is able to deploy an iOS update and all its devices receive it instantly, while the most used and popular mobile operating system which is owned by the tech giant Google, of course, Android has a very serious problem, with phones that do not update and that, years after its release, are still stuck in old versions of the system of the green android.

However, today, unfortunately, we have a bad news for all the Nokia fans: as the new Nokia 8 and along with all other Nokia smartphones does not have support for the tech Google’s Project Treble.

Looking back, we will remember that the tech giant Google announced a feature that would allow all phones to be updated without having to go through moderation of the brand, obtaining security patches and new functions directly from the tech Google itself.

Hence, that would patch the problem of fragmentation in Android, at least for now, but one of the brands in which we had more faith, of course, the Finnish company Nokia, is not compatible and for obvious reasons.

Juho Sarvikas, CPO of HMD, has had to throw light on this problem due to the confusion generated by the comments of a moderator in the official forums of the Finnish company Nokia. Apparently, the moderator said that, since Project Treble is included in Android Oreo and all the Nokia smartphones will be updated to Oreo, hence, all these devices would support this new system of updates, “But! ‘no'”.

On the one hand, the tech giant Google has implemented Treble on devices that have been launched with Android Oreo, not on those that have been upgraded to Oreo. In addition, Treble requires a dedicated manufacturer partition, and Nokia 8 and all the current Nokia smartphones not only does not have it but can not be achieved by an OTA update as well.

Thus, users of Nokia smartphones should know that they will not benefit from Project Treble. Sarvikas has been fast, and has ensured that HMD Global is committed to updating the devices of its users and that the lack of Project Treble “will not have an impact on the end user”. Hence, we will have to wait to see how the Finnish company Nokia behaves with the updates, although at the moment it seems that they are fulfilling their promises.

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