Nokia And Zeiss Get Together Again For The Android Era
Nokia And Zeiss Get Together Again For The Android Era

The return of the Finnish Company Nokia to the market of smartphones, and more importantly, to Android, makes it a brand to take into account. However, the Finnish Company Nokia is once again partnering with Zeiss simply to make its cameras stand out for the Android era.

Nokia And Zeiss Get Together Again For The Android Era

Nokia is back in the mobile phone market, something that has given a lot to talk about in the past few months. However, the company wants to give more than talk in the future and its next devices are taking shape as we know different agreements signed. Recently, the Finnish company Nokia signed a collaboration agreement at the patent level with Xiaomi and now it has also closed one to equip its future smartphones with Zeiss cameras.

Little by little, we are getting to know the innovations that we will see in the future phones of Nokia. Yes, the Finnish company Nokia will again have iconic Zeiss cameras. This has been possible after HMD Global and Carl Zeiss, world-renowned for their high-end quality photography lenses, have announced a new strategic partnership. The next Nokia 9 could become the first smartphone of the firm with Zeiss after the brand fell under the control of HMD.

The relationship of Nokia and Zeiss comes from long. The association in the past between the two manufacturers has allowed to create mobile devices with a photographic performance well ahead of its rivals. We can not forget the Nokia PureView, a smartphone that had a camera of 41 megapixels and that gave much to speak at the time.

According to Arto Nummela, CEO of HMD Global, collaborating with Zeiss is an important part of its commitment to always offer the best experience to its customers. He says that his followers want more than a good camera on the smartphone, they want a complete system that redefines the photography experience. With Zeiss, he thinks they will be able to do it.

Before Zeiss, I agree with Xiaomi

Prior to the agreement with Zeiss, Nokia also closed a patent-level collaboration agreement with Xiaomi. All indications are that the Chinese manufacturer will be the next supplier of processors for the new devices of Nokia. Specifically, we will see the processors of Xiaomi’s Surge series in the next releases. The name Surge S1 should start to sound to us because it can give a lot to talk about in the future.

Since Nokia want to make the maximum cost of manufacturing of mobile phones with these agreements and does not close the door to the arrival of new. As we know, it already has several with signatures like the tech giant Apple and Samsung due to the large amount of patents that it has in its power over networks and telephony.

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