Nokia Launches New Digital Products
Nokia Launches New Digital Products

Recently, the Finnish company Nokia introduced and launched few new range of digital health products. As of today, the Withings name will be replaced by the Nokia Health.

Nokia Launches New Digital Products

The bet in the future is to bring to the user devices to “dress” that interact with the smartphone but that are dedicated to health. It is part of the business plan for the ongoing technological revolution.

In this field, the Finnish company gave a few years ago an important step when acquiring a strong brand in the segment, Withings. Now the Finnish company breaks this brand and turns everything into its own brand.

In 2008, the Withings brand was created, which since 2009 has been launching electronic health products with a focus on health. In 2014 it was integrated with the Apple Health platform. In May 2016 it was acquired by Nokia Technologies, beginning the process of changing the brand. Today, the 21st and this process have officially been finalized, Now Withings is known as Nokia Health.

The company after being bought by the Finnish Company suffered some constraints. The Withings products that had great visibility in the Apple online store, after Nokia filed a lawsuit against Apple, the Cupertino company removed all Withings products from its offering, which had repercussions on the brand numbers, until then an important partner on Apple accessories.

Nokia Health is new to the market

To celebrate this move, the company introduced two new products, a smart scale, the Nokia Body and a blood pressure monitor, BPM +.

“Nokia’s global expansion of products and healthcare is built on an unparalleled track record of quality, safety and brand reliability, which are essential to success in this industry.

The products are beautiful, easy to use and fit perfectly into people’s daily lives, allowing everyone to monitor and improve their health easily” Finnish Company’s acting president Brad Rodrigues says.

Nokia Health Products

Basically, it has integrated a range of advanced products and very well designed software to integrate into its ecosystem. The company thus has a powerful range of offer in an area that is increasingly preferred by users.

The system, as we have already analyzed, has from the thermometer, blood pressure meters, intelligent scales, clocks with monitoring features, a set of applications that make all this information detailed and grouped allowing for an improved analysis, historical management and a sharing of data with specialized technicians.

Apart from this, this is all about the superior product quality and the extreme taste of the development of each piece. Now in the hands of Nokia, hopefully, the trend is to give continuity to this process of progress.

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If you want to visit the official site of Nokia Health then simply click here to visit.

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