Recently, after introducing the new Nokia 6 Android smartphone, the Finnish company Nokia could be developing its own virtual assistant software for its Android devices.

Nokia Preparing Its Own Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are an increasingly present tool in the smartphone market, from the well-known Siri or Cortana to Google’s own AI, these are one more element of differentiation within the market, especially on the high-end devices.

Now we know that after introducing the Nokia 6, the Finnish company Nokia could be developing its virtual assistant software, who knows precisely for its new range of mobile. Let’s know more about this possible virtual assistant of Nokia.

Recently, we saw the first Android smartphone of Nokia, known as Nokia 6, a phone that has come with Snapdragon 430 and with an unusual RAM when we speak of a processor like this, nothing less than 4GB.

Nokia’s virtual assistant for your mobile?

All this information has emerged as a result of a trademark in Europe that has revealed an interesting movement of the Finnish company Nokia. As the Finnish company, Nokia has filed for a trademark in the EU for the name “Viki” which sparked rumors that it may be a virtual assistant.

The description of this trademark reads “Software for creating and monitoring web and mobile assistants working with digital knowledge and combining data sources in an interface based on voice.”

It certainly is the description of what could be a virtual assistant like Siri, Cortana and Google Now. These virtual assistants are based on a voice command recognition technology that could fit perfectly into Viki’s description.

Although we could also be on the record of a parallel software from Nokia for similar purposes, or the simple root of a whole technology of virtual assistant created by Nokia to then be implemented in their mobile.

This year in addition to the known virtual assistants Apple, Google and Microsoft, we’ve heard persistent rumors about the development by Samsung in its virtual assistant, which could be called Bixby.

While on the other hand, recently we have known that Huawei devices will also have virtual assistant Alexa created by Amazon in the future. No doubt it is the trend of the market today, and Nokia could join it in the future with Viki, it could be another example that the Finnish company Nokia has returned all over high, trying to differentiate itself from its competition by developing its technologies.


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