Do NOT Trust OnePlus 5 Benchmark Tests
Do NOT Trust OnePlus 5 Benchmark Tests

We all know that benchmark tests are one of the most used methods to measure the performance of any smartphone. But, recently, OnePlus busted for cheating benchmark tests for OnePlus 5.

Do NOT Trust OnePlus 5 Benchmark Tests

Just getting to market, the new OnePlus 5 promises to be the next phone to be a success. It follows the line of previous models, having top hardware and a price that is considered fair.

But according to what has now been discovered, OnePlus 5 also follows another practice of its predecessors. It also has mechanisms to fool benchmark testing.

The first tests, conducted by the XDA website, again revealed a problem. The OnePlus 5 detects always being made a benchmark test and adapts, leading to results that are not real.

This is not the first time OnePlus is caught up in making this kind of adaptation. Already before, in OnePlus 3T, the company had mechanisms to detect these situations and adapt, distorting the results and making them bigger. To do this, it used a list of application names that it recognized and that brought this performance improvement.

This time the case is more serious and even more blatant, because OxygenOS raises the processor and color frequencies to the highest values possible and remains the same throughout all tests, eventually tampering with benchmark tests.

OnePlus 5 Score Comparison
OnePlus 5 Score Comparison

OnePlus’s response to the allegations

Once confronted with this situation, OnePlus went public to explain the reasons for this behavior change when benchmark testing is in progress. According to Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus, what is being done is something that OxygenOS does on a daily basis to accelerate the opening of applications and ensure the best performance of the system.

It also reveals that no overclocking is done, but rather the show of all the potentialities of OnePlus 5.

This is once again an uncomfortable situation for OnePlus, which once again sees one of its devices being caught up in subverting the results of performance tests, something that many uses as a benchmark. According to XDA, this change can give the OnePlus 5 about 5% increase in performance.

The truth is that this is not an exclusive situation of OnePlus and in the past, other brands have had identical behaviors to improve test results to their devices.

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