BT Group is a holding company which owns British Telecommunications and is a multinational telecommunications services company based in London U.K and it is providing services in more than 170 countries. The telecom firm BT with assistance from Huawei has set a world record of 5.6Tbps for a single fibre connection, breaking its previous record of 3Tbps set in 2014.

Now 200 HD Films Can Be Downloaded in One Second with BT’s 5.6Tbps Fibre Connection

The speed was attained on a connection running between BT’s Labs at Adastral Park in Ipswich and the BT Tower in London. 200Gbps sub channels were piled together by BT in order to give a single overall speed. The firm said that this speed will also allow to download 200 HD films in one second.

Earlier, Researchers at University College London attained a record data transfer speed of 1.125Tbps in February this year. The researchers maintained that it could also allow to download the complete season of Game of Thrones HD in just one second.

BT and Huawei also attained a speed of 2Tbps on part of the operator’s live score network running between London and Dublin covering area of 727 kilometers. Moreover, this link also comprises of unrepeatered submarine cable between Dublin and Holyhead.

The chief executive of BT Technology, Service and Operations, Howard Watson also clarified that this a specially remarkable success as it demonstrates that the firm has the potential to keep pace with advancing data demands.

“The core network is the superhighway of the internet. It’s important that our core networks keep pace with the growth in bandwidth demands driven by take-up of high-speed fibre broadband, HD content, 4G smartphones and tablets and, in the future, 5G services,” he said.

“So we’re investing in our core, as well as in high-speed access technology such as fibre broadband, to make sure there is no capacity crunch and to deliver the best possible speeds to customers.”

BT Group is presently working on its technology that can increase copper connections as high as 300Mbps. The firm is seen providing extremely fast services to many people as possible.


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