The social media giant Facebook is starting the roll-out of a new feature that will simply allow you to easily find and apply for a job without ever leaving the social media giant Facebook (Platform).

Now You Can Find And Apply For A Job On Facebook

The social network of Mark Zuckerberg is undoubtedly one of the most popular worldwide and surely part of the success of Facebook is in its evolution, how it has been adapting and adding new features depending on the needs of users or trends of the society.

What started as a social network in which users published text messages with everything they did at every moment of the day, has become a source of news where we can also continue to see everything that our friends have published and even recently Facebook has been proposed to replace your time application and has begun to include the weather forecast on the news page.

Whatever it takes to make the users do not have to leave the social network to stay up to date, stay in touch with their friends and even know the time they will do. Well, with this same objective, launched a new function in which allows companies pages to publish job offers so that users of the network can be aware of all of them and be able to find work more easily.

Facebook wants to help you find a job

At the moment it has been launched in the United States and Canada, where the pages of companies or businesses have a new section in which they can create job offers to publish them in the social network and that its followers as any user can see them through Facebook to sign up for any of them with the push of a button and fill out a simple form.

A function that will make many companies launch their job offers through Facebook, as they ensure that they will have a wide reach because of the ease of propagating this type of publications through the network. In addition, the users themselves will be able to use the social network to find work in a lot of companies from the same site.

Job post creation flow (desktop)

Posted by Facebook Business on Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Surely this will not have gone very well on LinkedIn, the social network-oriented companies to offer employment since Facebook has great potential and has many millions of active users a month that could leave their LinkedIn profiles to start looking for work through the network of Mark Zuckerberg. However, currently, it was not disclosed that when we will get this feature in India.

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