From Text to Image, Google has now introduced emoji search which allows you to search for images by using an emoji. Amidst uproar over Google’s Gmail April fool prank, the tech giant unveiled new feature to the Google Photos.

Now You Can Search Images on Google Using Emoji

The new feature unveiled by Google will allow users to search for images by using an emoji. This news came to light after the company posted about Emoji search on Google+. Google said that instead of typing full words for search, a user just needs to use an emoji.

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The search uses the same image recognition skills that Google Photos had for some time. For eg. If the users search for guns, they might also see images of wars and violence. This is really an interesting search feature rolled out by Google, however it is unsure how many emoji it is going to support.

Google has taken searching algorithm to the next level, as it is now allowing users to search using any emoji icon. Google stated “An emoji is worth a thousand words”. This feature may be highly appreciated by lazy Google users, as they now they don’t need to type a complete line instead you just need to use an emoji for searching images.


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