Now You Can Upgrade The Storage of 16GB iPhone to 128GB, See How
Now You Can Upgrade The Storage of 16GB iPhone to 128GB, See How

Apple is making iPhones having starting storage of 16GB to 128GB. As we know that iPhone is not supporting external memory chip. Also, there are several ways by which you can increase the memory of your iPhone like Apple recently rolled out iOS 9 which keeps the unessential data off or you can buy storage services from third party sites which can connect wirelessly to the device.

Now You Can Upgrade The Storage of 16GB iPhone to 128GB, See How

[dropcap]i[/dropcap]Phones are having limited storage which cannot be expanded since it doesn’t support external memory chip. Also, if you want relatively higher storage for your iPhone, you can go for 64GB or 128GB variants but you will have to pay more money as much as $140 to get iPhone with higher storage or even more. Also, 16GB storage is very low for some users and for those who don’t want to pay extra $140 in order to get 64GB or more for 128GB variant. So, here is a trick which will help you in upgrading your 16GB iPhone to 128GB.

Watch the video to upgrade the iPhone’s storage from 16GB to 128GB

Chinese Startup, BeSound based in Shenzhen China has uploaded video on YouTube showing how to increase the storage of iPhone. This technique is already popular in Shenzhen China. This video shows how can you increase the storage of your iPhone from 16GB to 128GB in 30 minutes and it will cost you just $60. The procedure for this trick is very simple as per video, you will have to remove the existing chips from iPhone and replace it with chips with higher capacity.

If your iPhone is under warranty, it is not recommended as this technique voids the warranty. If your iPhone’s warranty time has expired, then you can try this technique at your own responsibility. In this video, engineer removed the existing SK Hynix chip and replaced it with Toshiba flash memory. After that the software restoring process was initiated and finally the storage was increased to 128GB [114GB is the actual storage which you can use).

You might have wondered that why this procedure took long, since the serial number and other details needs to match the same phone after the process is completed. Apple charges about $140 for the iPhone having more storage, this technique just requires $60. So we hope that you liked this tutorial, if you want discuss cons and pro’s of this technique, you are welcomed to mention them in the comment section below.


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