Problems with the Windows updates are not unique to the Insider program, as We know that sometimes updates have flaws that may represent only a temporary problem to the correction or something more worrying, such as a security breach.

So many manually install updates after a certain time of its release. However, this can become unfeasible from 10th May 2016.

Now Limited Updates Will Be Available For Windows

According to an official statement from Microsoft, some updates are no longer available in the Download Center to be downloaded manually, only the Microsoft Update Catalog.

So ordinary users will have very few limited options, while only business users can easily maintain control over the updates.

This is more of a Microsoft strategy to take more control over the system of its users; the tech giant Microsoft continues to try to force its users to upgrade to Windows 10 on the systems running previous versions of Windows.

In this case, Microsoft is just talking about security updates, but it may be only the first step to centralize Windows completely update updates.

If this is the case, it will become easier for the tech giant Microsoft to establish applications used by default for certain tasks.

We must remember that it was essential for Internet Explorer to maintain its advantage over other browsers used for many years. Of course, We are just speculating the reasons behind the decision of the tech giant Microsoft. However, the tech giant Microsoft refuses to comment on this topic.


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