Now Original KickassTorrents Domain Can Be Yours
Now Original KickassTorrents Domain Can Be Yours

Kickass Torrents was the most popular torrent website in the world until it went down. But, now, what if I say that now the original KickassTorrents domain can be yours? Sounds quite amazing right as it should be.

Now Original KickassTorrents Domain Can Be Yours

Kickass Torrents came to be the reference in terms of web pages with torrent links, but in the middle of last year the court ordered the closing of the page and proceeded to arrest its creator. The funny thing is that it has now been known that one of the domains of Kickass Torrents has managed to get rid of the clutches of the law, and it turns out that it has been put back on sale so that anyone can buy it.

The controversy of Kickass Torrents exploded when, during the month of July last year, the US court ordered the closure of the six web domains in which until that moment was hosted the page of torrents. Of those six domains, the most popular were, but there were five others that also served as a backup when offering torrent links to users. One of those domains,, is back for sale. was one of six domains that allowed access to the Kickass Torrents servers, and it was a registered domain under the extension of the Philippines (.ph), which at the time received an official request from the US authorities to cease its activity and redirect its servers to an official page of the US Department of Justice.

The owners of this domain decided to let it die until its registration expired (usually, the domains are renewed year after year), and now someone has managed to buy the domain of since its registration had already expired.

Since the Torrent Freak blog has had the opportunity to interview the person who has bought the domain of again, and it turns out that it is an entrepreneur who accustoms to buy and sell domains with the idea of obtaining some economic benefit. This person bought the domain for $ 9,000, but faced with the inability to take profit of their traffic has decided to put it back on sale for $ 7,000.

As the owner of the domain explains, it is a page that continues to bring stable traffic every month (700,000 unique visits in the last month, according to the interviewee), but due to the nature of the project In his day was related to the domain, makes it very difficult to earn income showing Google ads. Therefore, the domain is again on sale so that anyone interested in acquiring it can make its own offer (as long as it exceeds $ 7,000).


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