In the case of a smartphone, What should you choose? A traditional LCD or AMOLED? This choice was initially linked to pricing issues, as we all know that AMOLED is reserved for high-end models like Samsung’s latest flagship, “Samsung Galaxy S7”. But now production costs are likely to change that.

Now All Smartphones Will Have an AMOLED Screen

According to the market research of IHS Technology, a technology company currently producing an AMOLED screen for a 5 inches smartphone now costs 14.3 dollars. On the other hand, it costs 14.6 dollars to produce an LTPS LCD screen.

This marks a turning point from the end of last year when costs were 17.1 dollars to 15.7 dollars for AMOLED and LCD Screens.

So, this change could lead smartphone manufacturers to choose AMOLED for their high-end models and middle or even entry-level smartphones.

But, we can’t consider this as the direct signal of the end for LCD screens in the smartphone world, as we will see many more AMOLED screens shortly.

According to ETNews, a website, Samsung is one of the major manufacturers of smartphones with AMOLED displays, and the company Samsung also gained momentum last year by having an agreement with the leading Chinese manufacturers of smartphones.

This agreement has helped Samsung increase the production line rate from 90% to 95%, which means the company gained a clear increment of 5% on its production lines.

As the cost of plants is fixed, the more chains occur, the greater the production cost down. Is this why Apple would prepare an iPhone of 5.8-inch with an OLED screen for 2017? Though it is not yet clear, the adoption of this technology by Apple for its smartphones would be an encouraging sign.


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