We have seen various smartphones coming with fingerprint sensors, in order to get access to the fingerprint locked device, we simply tap the sensor button by using finger. Now the fingerprint will embrace new technology, as smartphones will come with buttonless fingerprint sensors this year.

Now Smartphones Will Come With Buttonless Fingerprint sensors this year

LG Innotek announced a new technology related to fingerprint sensor in a device. The technology is fitted in a small space, less than 0.3mm thick under the display for the fingerprint sensor. The module is embedded just below the display and is not uncovered to air, moisture and air.

The invisible sensor can be activated instantly by touching on the screen, so the smartphone manufacturers may not need separate area or button in smartphone for fingerprint sensor.

“The new module is expected to drastically reduce any smartphone malfunctions, as it does not require a specific button for fingerprint recognition,” said a spokeswoman. “We are in talks with some handset manufacturers to commercialize the new modules within the year.”

The company said that the new module emerged as the company’s successful developed technology to integrate fingerprint sensor into 0.3-millimeter (mm) space under smartphone’s screen. The company also said that the LG Innotek can customize the under glass module for any smartphone manufacturer upon their request.

Korean Times states that the company has compounded a high molecular substance into glass, which helps it to cope with electrical shock and assuring a high level of solidity. Surprisingly, the compounded glass didn’t break even after a 130 gram ball was dropped on it from the height of 20 cm, according to the company.

“We are gathering all our capabilities into developing differentiated technologies for our customers,” Kim Chang-hwan, LG Innotek’s research and development center chief, said in a statement. “LG Innotek will continue to offer innovative products to serve customers in a more convenient and easy ways.”

LG is in talks with some handset makers to make new module materialistic within the year, according to Korean Times. We may see this technology in smartphones by the end of this year.


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