NSA Starts Testing Of Boeing's Self-Destructing Smartphone
NSA Starts Testing Of Boeing's Self-Destructing Smartphone

Approximately two years ago, Boeing filed papers with the Federal Communications Commission, unveiling its plans for a secret smartphone for the secret agents, spies, and military operatives. But, now it’s official that Boeing has finally built a secret smartphone which comes with a self-destruct button.

NSA Starts Testing Of Boeing’s Self-Destructing Smartphone

In the James Bond films we have always seen gadgets such as watches or mobile phones that are capable of firing projectiles or even identify people only with its own camera, but we have also seen others that even self-destruct if desired secret agent.

But, all these devices are used in film and they also do not exist in reality as well. But there is one exception: the smartphone Boeing Black, finally being tested within the Government of the United States to encrypt communications and to self-destruct if it fell into the wrong hands.

The Boeing Black is a new smartphone for secret agents, military and members of the NSA itself (National Security Agency of the US) and allows secure communication between secret organizations and individuals through a single network with exclusive features such as self-destruction. However, it will not be a mobile phone that exploits but internally kill itself for not again be operational.

If someone wrongly tries any attempt to open or modify the phone, cause the system to collapse inside the device and will disable it forever. Of course, for safety, the phone that destroys itself does not host any kind of information, and simply serves as a link between the agent and the recipient. However, the device comes with Dual-SIM, take turns giving the option of secret government network with the commercial network itself.

The specifications of Boeing Black are nothing remarkable because it simply serves to secret communications and not to run games or programs that require certain technological weight.

Thus this is a smartphone with 4.3-inch qHD resolution (540×960) display, with a Cortex A9 1.2GHz processor, with a 1590mAh battery, LTE, Bluetooth connectivity 2.1 and Android with a specific security software. It also includes a slot to add different modules according to the mission of secret agent but has not clarified its confidential information as it is used.