Nvidia has come up with a significant upgrade for its cloud gaming service. Many players are using GeForce Now on the browser for playing games. And they can now easily experience 120 fps.

The company has also announced adding some new games, including a new release. Let’s discuss all below.

Nvidia’s Game Streaming Service Got Major Upgrade For Browsers

Nvidia's Game Streaming Service Got Major Upgrade For Browsers

In this new era of cloud gaming, Nvidia is the first to provide the next level of game streaming, and according to the latest announcement, it will allow gaming at up to 1440p and 120 frames per second.

And the best part of this new gaming upgrade is that it is only available for the members of the RTX 3080 subscription can experience it on Chrome or Edge browser on the PC or Mac without downloading the app.

The company last year launched a new subscription plan for users who want a high-end gaming experience, and it has become the most popular plan now, but earlier, it was only limited to the web version was limited to 1080p at 60fps.

Besides, Nvidia also announced adding six new games today in the Now’s game library, including today’s released Thymesia, a role-playing game with fast-paced action combat.

And others are Century: Age of Ashes, ClanfolkCoromonHYPERCHARGE: Unboxed, and Phoenix Point. Besides, GeForce NOW already has a huge game library with 1,300 titles.

With all that, the company also plans to expand latency, performance, and resolution improvements to Chrome and Edge, as sometimes the player gets a lag glance.

It also wants to make GeForce Now more convenient, especially on older devices such as Chromebooks, normal laptops, and consoles, so every user can use its service even for free.

Xbox will be the major factor for it, and with the aim to make it more optimized on the Edge browser to compete with Xbox’s Cloud gaming service.


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