We keep lots of sensitive data on our smartphones, like banking apps, important messages, passwords, photos, videos, etc. This type of data needs proper care, and one needs to take adequate steps to protect this crucial data. If you have been using Android for a while, you might know that the operating system doesn’t allow users to lock individual apps.

You can lock your entire phone with a password/pin/fingerprint, but you can’t lock individual apps. This is where the App lockers come in; it locks your apps with password/pattern lock to avoid misuse. Plenty of app lockers are available on the Google Play Store, but not all of them are secure.

How To Lock Individual Apps on Android

So, in this article, we have decided to share a working method to lock individual apps on Android smartphones. With this method, you can easily lock any social media, instant messaging, gallery apps, etc., on your smartphone. So, let’s check out how to lock individual apps on Android.

1. First, download and install App Lock on your Android smartphone.

Install App Lock

2. Once done, open the app and draw an unlock pattern.

Draw an unlock pattern

3. On the next page, tap the Agree and Start button.

Tap on the 'Agree and Start' button

4. Now open the Protect tab.

Select the 'Protect' tab

5. If you want Fingerprint protection, enable the Fingerprint Lock option.

Enable the 'Fingerprint Lock' option

6. Now select the Privacy tab and scroll down. You will see the list of the app installed on your device.

7. Tap the lock button behind the app to lock it. You will now be asked to grant permission. Make sure to grant permission to close the app.

Tap on the lock button

Grant the permission

8. Once done, the app will be locked.

Locked app

9. Now open the locked app, and you will be asked to draw the unlock pattern.

Draw the pattern to unlock the app

That’s it! You are done. This is how you can lock individual apps on Android.

So, this article is about how to lock individual apps on Android. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also.


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