Oh God!! Now Facebook Will Also Put Ads In Videos
Oh God!! Now Facebook Will Also Put Ads In Videos

Recently the social media giant Facebook integrated lots of new interesting features to its app. However, now the social media giant Facebook decided to put ads in its videos.

Oh God!! Now Facebook Will Also Put Ads In Videos

Mark Zuckerberg’s plans with Facebook are headed towards a very clear goal. The world’s most famous social network is gradually becoming a content platform. Zuckerberg himself recently claimed that their social network is a means of communication, but not a conventional one.

Users have changed the way they access information. In the past, all the news that came to us was through the press or television. Today the main source of information we have called the Internet and social networks have as its main ally.

Zuckerberg is aware of this trend and wants Facebook fits the times to avoid being outdated. Thus, Facebook has recently taken a series of measures to combat the false news, a trend that lacks credibility as a reliable source of information.

Another of the measures to renew the social network was the inclusion of live videos. This feature is already able to compete against all powerful platforms in the audiovisual sector like YouTube. In fact, we can find lists of the most-viewed videos of the year in which videos are included Facebook, something very significant for the scope of this role.

Facebook is aware of the influence they are reaching their live videos. That is why we are determined to take advantage of them in the form of new revenue. A few months ago we told you that the social network was testing the possibility of including advertising in their videos.

Now, the fact is the social media giant Facebook wants to earn revenue from advertising simply by placing ads on their videos.

Yes, now Facebook would be determined to include advertising on all videos posted on the social network. Thus, not only we would see ads on live videos, but also in the middle of any video.

The ad would appear when we will have seen 20 seconds of a video that lasts at least 90 seconds. This will allow content producers to insert advertising in the middle of their videos. These will be the main beneficiaries of this measure, since they will share the advertising revenues with the social network, taking 55% of the profits obtained.

This percentage is much higher than that obtained content creators on YouTube. This will cause many YouTubers the possibility to start publishing their videos on Facebook, rather than on YouTube.

It seems that this new policy will also be adopted by Instagram, social photography network owned by Facebook. This information is yet to be confirmed, but it seems that Instagram Stories may also include advertisements.

In 2016, Facebook users have watched more than 100 million hours of video a day. However, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and his team are aware of this fact and are determined to earn significant income.


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