We all know very well that the tech giant Google’s well-known Chrome browser is the most widely used browser on all operating systems, hence, Chrome browser has to interact with other existing software, due to which it faces serious problems in performance. Hence, the tech giant Google has now decided to lock down Chrome on Windows.

OMG! Google Will Lock Down Chrome On Windows

As the most widely used browser on all operating systems, the tech giant Google’s Chrome browser has to interact with other existing software and expect them to be tailored to users’ needs.

This often brings serious performance issues and even Chrome’s own flaws. Hence, the tech giant Google now wants to stop this behaviour and will block these applications in the tech giant Microsoft’s well-known Windows operating system.

According to the tech giant Google’s data, 2 out of 3 Chrome users in Windows have installed applications that interact with this browser. They are, for the most part, antivirus or accessibility applications. This interaction is in most cases code injection into Chrome’s own processes, which causes it to crash and have problems.

To stop this behaviour, the tech giant Google’s well-known browser, Chrome in Windows will have different behaviour and prevent this software from injecting code, thus protecting itself from these problems and giving a much better experience of use to its users.

The tech giant Google wants to make this change in a phased way, to give programmers time to adjust. In April 2019, Chrome 66 will start alerting users to these situations where Chrome flaws are associated with third-party software.

Later, in July 2019 and Chrome 68, Chrome will block the code injection of those applications. If this prevents Chrome from being released the code will be accepted, but with an alert for the user.

Lastly, and in January 2019 with Chrome 72, Google’s browser will simply stop allowing code to be injected, regardless of the outcome of that in the browser and more applications.

The exceptions that Chrome will allow

As not all software can be deleted, the tech giant Google has decided to allow some exceptions to the software that will be blocked. According to the tech giant Google, software that is signed by the tech giant Microsoft, accessibility software or IME software will not be affected.

The tech giant Google also recommends developers to use test versions of Chrome to validate the interaction of their applications.

This change will bring back to Chrome measures that protect it from external software and that sometimes causes serious problems to this browser. It is the tech giant Google’s way of giving the necessary immunity to its browser without taking any defensive measures.

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