Recently, the well-known Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation, of course, Sony made a conference for investors in which the company presented its plans for the next few years. However, at the same time, the CEO of the PlayStation division also stated that PlayStation 4 is heading into the end of its life cycle.

OMG! PlayStation 4 Heading Into End Of Its Life Cycle

Recently, Sony made a conference for investors on Wednesday (23) in which the company presented its plans for the next few years – and apparently has no big plans for the PlayStation 4. According to the company, it is the beginning of the end of the console, which accumulates 79 million units sold.

According to a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, John Kodera, CEO of the PlayStation division, stated that the “PS4 is entering the final phase of its life cycle, which would have a negative impact on unity, but recurring revenue through induction services should cushion a little”.

Moreover, the John Kodera, the CEO of the PlayStation division speaks of platforms such as the PlayStation Network, PS Store (in addition to PS Video and PS Music) and PlayStation Plus, the subscription service for online games on PlayStation. Today, PlayStation Plus has 34.2 million subscriptions and grew about 64% in just two years, one of the company’s great assets.

Sony’s strategy for the next fiscal year, ending March 31, 2019, is to further boost the active user base of PlayStation 4, increase recurring revenue from its services, and upgrade exclusive games to the PS4. Meanwhile, the PlayStation VR is considered a challenge for the company: its sales have grown, but below expectations.

Although the PlayStation 4 is still in Sony’s plans (it has not yet officially been discontinued), the increase in console sales is expected to cool further over the next three years, the time the PlayStation division will use to plan the new console and boost its growth again.

Do not expect a PlayStation 5 so early though: it should be announced in the fiscal year 2020, which extends until March 2021. The company has patented a new blockchain- based DRM technology for the new console.

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