We all know that benchmark tests are one of the most used methods to measure the performance of any smartphone. But, earlier we have already seen that how OnePlus busted for cheating benchmark tests for OnePlus 5. However, now finally OnePlus 5T Puts an end to cheating Android benchmarks.

Finally, OnePlus 5T Puts An End To Cheating Android Benchmarks

After the release of OnePlus 5, several reports accused that OnePlus has cheated in the benchmarks so that the result appears superior. Although OnePlus has always rejected this label, but, now with its latest flagship device, of course, the OnePlus 5T, it has corrected this problem.

After the release of OnePlus 5, this was a device that was analyzed in detail to check the positives and negatives of this model. Although several accolades have been made to this smartphone, that were also pointed out some problems.

After some benchmark tests, some investigators realized that there was an abnormal behavior when performing these tests, which motivated a more detailed analysis. They then discovered that the system had a list of benchmark applications where, when executed, it motivated an increase in system performance for the result to be higher, making use of increased frequencies of processors and colors.

OnePlus was argued that its smartphones did not overclock, being a normal behavior to increase the opening speed of applications and for better performance of the system.

Although OnePlus says that this is a normal process of its flagship, the truth is that it fixed this problem in the new OnePlus 5T.

According to XDA, the new OnePlus 5T no longer has instructions in the system to change its behavior with some types of applications, starting to treat all equally.

But will the results differ so much?

In our review of OnePlus 5, we recorded the following benchmark results:-

  • AnTuTu v.6.2.7
  • 178641 points
  • Geekbench 4
  • Single-Core: 1949 points
  • Multi-Core: 6461 points

Performing the same tests with OnePlus 5T, we obtain the following values:-

  • AnTuTu v.6.2.7
  • 179387 points
  • Geekbench 4
  • Single-Core: 1951 points
  • Multi-Core: 6765 points

Comparing both results, the truth is that without the cheating, OnePlus continues to register identical values, even being superior. OnePlus continues to lead the Android device market with its OnePlus 5 and 5T that offers a lightweight and optimized system to unlock the full potential of your hardware.

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