We all know very well that these days we are talking a lot about the OnePlus 6, one of the most anticipated mobiles of the moment recently we said that the smartphone would be a clone of the top of the range of Oppo (2019) and now according to the latest reports, recently, the OnePlus 6 official teaser is out and simply confirmed the specs and the Name of the flagship.

OnePlus 6 Official Teaser Is Out; Confirms Specs, Name

OnePlus, which usually offers details about its innovations gradually, today it has published a teaser in which it offers a message between the lines. That is none other than the official name of its next flagship, the OnePlus 6. In turn, the Asian brand has also wanted to make clear that its smartphone will be fast, very fast.

The leaks begin to leave little room for OnePlus, which is forced to resort to improvisation. Such may be the case of the new teaser that the firm has decided to publish recently on Twitter. A video of barely four seconds with which it wanted to leave several messages to sailors.

OnePlus 6, the official name of the next flagship of the OnePlus

Carl Pei, as CEO of OnePlus, has been a protagonist through his social networks on numerous occasions. We do not refer to its role and position in the cases of “spy” software detected in the company’s smartphones. We refer to the clues offered by the manager regarding the characteristics and details of the new model which is about to be presented.

In this case, the role of Pei has been relegated to the background since the Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus wanted to launch a much more direct, more profound message. In short, an official announcement through the profile of the firm in the microblogging network, Twitter.

As you can see above, this is a OnePlus promotional video about the imminent OnePlus 6. Although Carl Pei himself confirmed last week that the model would be added to the fashion of the screen with a notch, the official name of the smartphone had not yet been confirmed.

That is essentially what OnePlus does with the advertising video in which clearly allusion is made to number six. The speculations around this multimedia material dictate that the firm would have been forced to move the card since a few hours ago the name of the device appeared on the technical sheet registered by the WiFi Alliance.

Power, performance, attributes associated with OnePlus 6

On the other hand, the second subliminal message that is extracted from the aforementioned video clip is none other than the power, the performance of the OnePlus 6. In one of the sequences appears a slogan that says: “The speed you need”. A phrase that refers, without any doubt, to the power of the hardware that will equip the new OnePlus smartphone.

In this regard, it is known with certainty that a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, the most powerful chip in the world, will be placed inside it. Not in vain, that is one of the mottos of the firm and for which, among others, its devices have become so popular. Fluidity, speed, the speed of the interface that results in a fully satisfactory user experience.

Thus, little by little, new details and features of the OnePlus 6 are revealed, now including its official name. We will have the opportunity to thoroughly know all the details of the model in about a month.Hence, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus plans to officially present the OnePlus 6 at the beginning of May.

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