We all know that today OnePlus 5 and other OnePlus smartphones recognized as the best smartphones of the moment. However, apart from the all the best things about these smartphones, recently, a new severe flaw has been discovered through which anyone can easily bypass the app locker protection in OnePlus smartphones.

Here Is How OnePlus App Locker Can Be Easily Bypassed

Being recognized today as one of the best smartphones of the moment, the OnePlus 5 began to present some problems from the beginning, being these to be corrected gradually with the updates.

A new security locker problem has now been discovered.

Since OnePlus has launched its flagship, a lot of ink has already made it run the world outside. If the criticisms were initially related to the lack of some elements, such as the IP67 certification or the OIS, it quickly evolved into the problems of the gelatine screen or the reboot when calling 911.

OnePlus has been active in solving these problems, at least in those that are resolvable, and have already released some updates to correct the problems or lack of functions, as it was the case with the addition of EIS stabilization in the 4K recording. In those problems that can not be solved by the update, OnePlus has also been quick to explain why it occurs and about its origin.

After a quieter time, a problem arises again with OnePlus 5, this time related to the security of the application source.

When you want to prevent others from accessing specific applications, in addition to placing a protection code in the screen lock, you can still block each sensitive application with a pin or password. For this process there are several applications of third parties, however, OnePlus has an application inserted in the system for this purpose. Although it is theoretically safer because it is already inserted in the system, it is in this same application that the security problem is verified.

According to a video shared by XDA, a bug has been identified in this application that allows a third-party launcher to be used to disable the protection of a particular application. To do this, simply you have to use any launchers that are available in the Play Store like the Nova Launcher, the Action Launcher, among others. To exemplify this problem, XDA used the New Launcher.

According to XDA, the process is very simple. You should install a launcher, add a shortcut on the home screen to the app locker, and use this shortcut to access the list of protected applications without any authentication or security data being requested.

OnePlus has already been informed about this problem and has quickly promised that this issue would be resolved in the next update, without any details being given on its release date.

As we can see in the video, this process is quick and easy and eliminates an important security measure for those who want to lend their smartphones to their children or friends without allowing access to sensitive applications or services.

So, if you have a OnePlus 5 or any OnePlus device then try this procedure and let us know if you had success. Moreover, do not forget to share your views and thoughts about this issue in the comment section below.


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