We all know very well that the tech giant Apple launched first Face ID tech with its iPhone X. However, now it seems that the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus, with its 5T model, could face legal problems due to the Face ID like technology that it has employed.

OnePlus Might Face A Lawsuit Over Its Face Unlock Feature

Last November, the tech giant Apple released its flagship smartphone on the market, of course, I am talking about the iPhone X. It is the tech giant Apple’s first smartphone with Face ID technology and a ‘revolutionary’ device for this very reason.

But facial recognition technology is not exclusive to the Cupertino company, of course, the tech giant Apple, as other brands such as OnePlus have already followed in their footsteps, though with more modest hardware but at least they have this feature available on its current flagship smartphone, OnePlus 5T.

However, now it seems that the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus, with its 5T model, could face legal problems due to the technology it has employed.

The OnePlus 5T is ‘just’ an evolution of the OnePlus 5 which was released a few months earlier. And soon it will be renewed with the OnePlus 6 that is expected by the beginning of 2019. But the current model, in addition to other small changes, has introduced a facial recognition system.

This technology is not as sophisticated as the tech giant Apple’s, far from it, and makes use only of the front camera and the software processing. In any case, its operation is quite correct. And apparently, they would have infringed a SensibleVision patent.

The OnePlus 5T could have infringed at least one patent with its facial recognition

The co-founder and CEO of this company, SensibleVision, is the one who has indicated that the Chinese company, OnePlus could be infringing at least one patent of the company specializing in biometric security and facial recognition.

Only in the OnePlus 5T, but enough to face legal problems. Now, for the moment from this company have not indicated intention – and not the opposite – to take the smartphone brand to court. They have only limited themselves to pointing out the problem and remembering, as a consequence, that SensibleVision has not granted their patents or the possibility of using them to OnePlus.

We must also bear in mind that the legal battle between SensibleVision and the well-known Chinese brant OnePlus if carried out, would not give SensibleVision too much revenue for the simple reason as its patents are limited to the United States only.

It is not the only market in which the brand’s smartphone is available, and its sales volume there is really small. Another thing is in their home market, where they have no legal problems of any kind, or in the European market.

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